Carpet Cleaning Services in Cebu using Rainbow Cleaning System

As our services have enjoyed a gratifying reception in Cebu market, we trust that the increasing number of companies who switch to our cleaning system will continue  to enjoy our top-notch service.

Our Carpet Cleaning Service using the Rainbow Cleaning System is very ideal for  24-hour operation businesses as your employees can continue working while we’re cleaning because our machines are less-noisy, non-bulky, no over-soaked carpet, quick drying time of 3-4 hours, smells refreshing and affordable. Plus, we provide air sanitation to help control the spreading of germs & viruses around the office.

Our effective and efficient Rainbow Cleaning System removes nearly 99.9% of vacuumable dirt such as damaging grit, dust mites and even deep buried dirt in carpet fibers. And the non-vacuumable dirt such grease, oil & mud are remove through shampooing, leaving your carpet hygienically clean and refreshed. Along with our great cleaning system, are cleaning specialists who are trained to the highest standards.

Bridges Optimum Cleaning Solutions offer a wide range of services to care for your carpets, rugs, upholstery, mattresses and soft furnishings including deep cleaning, shampooing, spot and stain removal.

For a full range of our services, simply visit our Website: or our Facebook Page: or Contact us at 0942 525 8798 / 0977 428-1080.

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